Solving your IT problems was once a straight-forward process: You employed the most capable service provider at the lowest price. And there were many equally capable service providers competing on the basis of price. But over time, moving from provider to provider led to fragmented systems susceptible to frequent disruptions, down-time, and added maintenance costs. You know there must be a better way. Now you’re looking for a service provider that can help you develop a more strategic approach to solving your IT problems. Sometimes you need to be more involved, like when a project is critical to your drive toward innovation. At other times, you’re looking for ways to augment your team with hard-to-find skills. At still others, you have a project routine enough to be handed off in total to an outside service provider. And no matter the approach, your resulting IT infrastructure must function as a cohesive system. Whatever your situation, Rapid Grow can deliver a strategic solution through our:

Versatile Solutions Offerings

You can bring us in at any stage on the IT lifecycle, from a single stage to complete end-to-end development. Our solutions achieved application development and maintenance; outsourced product development; legacy migration; and quality assurance.

Rapid Grow Agile Delivery Process

Your complete confidence and satisfaction are assured with our Rapid grow Agile™ process. This collaborative structure keeps you informed while we nimbly implement requirements and respond to any changes. We are also adept at other processes like waterfall, rational unified process (RUP), and other agile models. This means we can also adapt and operate seamlessly within your own process environments.

Flexible Delivery Models

Turnkey Delivery – rely on our resources, processes, and infrastructure to transform your requirements into a finished product or application

Virtual Extension – extend your resources and capabilities with our expertise and infrastructure, working in-step with yours and guided by your definitions and processes

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